A 100% Mexican company, founded over 70 years ago, currently dedicated to developing, manufacturing, export and marketing of PVC profiles and shutters.

The great visionary and who undertook the dream of providing sources of employment for hundreds of people and provide the national and international market functional, aesthetic and high quality products is our founder Alejandro Siegrist Clamont who made it possible for this company would start and be maintained despite existing hardships throughout the years.

INDUSTRIAS AS S.A. DE C.V. has contributed over the years to the welfare of hundreds of families by providing excellent sources of employment, strengthening not only the economy of our workers and their families but also contributing to the economy of MEXICO.

INDUSTRIAS AS S.A. DE C.V. has a proven track record in the Plastics Industry, for the quality of its products and its constant development and innovation, with 7 branches strategically located nationwide and international presence for their exports to the United States, Europe, Central and South America; in addition to a branch in the US, they positioned as a leader in this sector.


Maintain and enhance the quality that characterizes us in the domestic and international markets and create new products in different markets face the challenges of a world that is constantly evolving just like us.


We are a leader in the transformation of PVC, with high standards of quality, which gives security to each of its customers, and contribute to the development of our country through the creation of new jobs.


Quality: Maintaining the highest quality in both product and service.

Teamwork: Cooperate with all areas of the company to achieve a common goal.

Innovation: Continuous improvement through innovation in processes, machinery and products.